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"Where to find Unix Audit & Unix Security Solutions"

Information security software is a now a fundamental part of good business practice. However choosing the correct security solution can be a difficult undertaking. What level of security do you need? What are the best Unix security and general security products for your enterprise?

The following portfolio of products is designed to provide comprehensive management in all aspects of security... including Unix security and Unix audit. It has the very finest pedigree, and essentially, can be introducted on a modular basis.


The Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) provides enterprise-wide, multi-platform security management. It allows you to centralize the administration on multiple operating systems and applications in the corporate field. Using predefined corporate security policies, ESM facilitates the monitoring and measuring of the security throughout the enterprise. The leading DetectIT system has a seamless interface into ESM providing powerful integration, managed from a single enterprise console.


SuperCypher ensures that files are protected from prying eyes. Normal files can be protected, as the rightful owner is the only person who can open it with the right pass phrase. Backup files can be protected too. Back-up media is often small and easy to misplace; they often contain sensitive company information, which must not fall into the wrong hands. By using SuperCypher to encrypt your data before backing up, you can ensure that it is doubly protected.

SuperCypher also enables e-commerce transactions to be conducted securely. When financial and legal transactions are conducted over the Internet, it is crucial that the information remains secure. SuperCypher allows such transactions to be encrypted, so that the exchange of sensitive data between parties is not compromised.

SuperCypher is flexible. It is available for Windows, NT, UNIX, LINUX, AS/400 and AIX. It can be used on multiple applications across multiple platforms.

In any environment, preventing data from getting into the wrong hands is important - in any environment, SuperCypher provides ultimate data security.


These fully comprehensive Unix security solutions are now available for evaluation/trial.

For more information on Unix security specifically or information security generally, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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